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Marketing your miniature golf course to groups Because all age groups and all levels of athletic ability can enjoy the game of miniature golf the potential market is huge. What other activity appeals to parents, young adults, teens, and children? The market, your future customers, is comprised of players that come on their own and groups that need to be solicited. Who are these groups? They can be church groups, youth groups, seniors, corporate outings, charitable organizations, various scouting organizations, the YMCA, the chamber of commerce, schools, and parties. Day camps are perfect weekday customers. In modern America, it’s typical to find a two-parent household with both parents working. It is also common to find a single parent household. When school lets out for the summer many parents rely on day camps to provide a safe environment as well as entertainment. Day camps are looking for things to do outside. Help them out! An easy way to identify youth groups is to check community bulletin boards and read local newspapers. Ads posted for upcoming events, articles, and stories relating to bible camps, scouting organizations and sporting activities can open up many opportunities. Scouting organizations alone can be made up of boy scouts, girl scouts, cub scouts, brownies, explorers, and YMCA Indian Guides. Sports groups can include little leagues, pee wee leagues, swim clubs, summer camps, gymnastics camps, and soccer leagues. Day camps are very important because they help fill slower weekday hours. Community and charitable organizations should not be overlooked. Working with the local Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees, Kiwanis, Lions Club, other civic clubs, and schools can help bring groups to your facility, in addition to providing an excellent opportunity to network and discover other groups. All of these groups have corporate connections that will allow networking opportunities helpful in securing corporate outings and distributing employee passes. Miniature golf is a suitable avenue for the fundraising needed by many school groups. New band uniforms, school trips, school social clubs, and sports teams are all fundraising candidates. Parents today are always looking for places to host their children’s birthday parties. An organized, fun party will generate referral business. Each child attending the party should be added to your facilities database to potentially sell another party or inform of upcoming events. Discount or free passes could be given to each child as part of the party package. Children returning to use the pass will be accompanied by parents, siblings, or friends. It is another opportunity to expand your market. In short, when putting together an advertising / marketing plan, keep groups in mind. Group sales usually account for at least 10% to 20% of a facility’s total sales. The number of individuals in a group who return with their friends or families at a later date is immeasurable. Booking groups during off-peak hours will keep your facility busy during usual downtimes and increase your bottom line. For a various miniature golf construction plans, guides and obstacles, please visit