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Blacklight Mini Golf has proven to be a major money maker for all indoor entertainment centers for a variety of reasons. . We turn the concept of a mere mini golf course into a ‘Disney’-style ATTRACTION.  All our props are unique and hand made by artists and sculptures. We do not offer you a ready made theme, but we design a unique one to suite your needs, by closely discussing them with you.

Glow Miniature Golf offers possibilities of impressive financial returns.

Order you guide to owning and running your own Black Light Minigolf Business for only $27 NOW Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Backyard Minigolf Ltd.

Ultra-quick redemption, owing to:

  •   limited investment ;
  •   minimal workforce ;
  •   turnouts that do not fluctuate by weather ;
  •   simple management ;
  •   negligible maintenance costs ;
  •   additional sales in drinks, light refreshments and accessories ;

Attracts a wide array of customers

Experience shows us that this glow-in-the-dark minigolf suits everyone from 4 to 99 years old. Children are the main target but teenagers and young adults love it too.

In today’s hi-tech world, grandparents also enjoy coming to our Glow Golf because they can have fun with their grandchildren. An added bonus is that there is nothing electronic to complicate matters

Limited staff requirements

Black light miniature golf centres need only one member of staff to register players and give them the equipment they need (putters, balls and scorecards). Likewise for collecting the equipment back one hour later, even at peak times.

No repair bills or maintenance bills

Very little maintenance ( just some vacuum-cleaning).  o repairs bills or technical maintenance costs (no electronics  or mechanical parts).

Rapid return on investment

Limited investment, low staff costs, minimum running costs, no maintenance and long-life materials mean that Glow Golf is probably the best leisure industry investment you can make.

Birthday parties

Glow Golf is the ideal place for holding a birthday party. The “all inclusive” packages (the minigolf game, a cake, a drink and a small gift) go down very well at all sites. Some sites organize up to 10 birthday parties a day at the weekend and even provide entertainers.

Corporate events

Outside peak hours, companies and institutions looking for new team-building and corporate presentation ideas can be targetted. Likewise, large employers and institutions are always looking for easily arranged fun activities for their members.

Family fun

Black light miniature golf  is the perfect cross-generational fun activity. It can be played with two, three or more players. One of the few games in today’s tech-loaded world where parents and grandparents can play alongside their children and grandchildren.

We are based in Europe and can design and build glow in the dark course for your needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may  have. We can supply you with metal obstacles painted in glow in the dark paint of you choice of color

Our decoration and theming team will be happy to work on your projects both in design and construction. Below is the video presentation of our theme park decorations

Please send us e-mail with your inquiry for more info on our miniature golf design services.